Frequently Asked Questions (updated 3/2/2016)


I see many college (FGCU or FSW) events here, are you part of their organization?


No, but I happen to live nearby, and have been privileged to work with them and photograph many of their events. Their athletes and coaches are good people, and I enjoy their company. Any comments and information I post here is my own, and in no way are they responsible for the content here; similarly these images are my property not theirs. I enjoy their games, and I suspect you will also; if you are in the area, come watch a game! Their logos are used by permission.


How about the events from other organizations?


I have photographed other organizations. Some are shown here where my arrangement with them permits me to share photos; in other cases they are not. For the most part I only show photos that are free for you to use; if there are restrictions I will either note it in the gallery, or more likely simply not make them publically visible. Any logos shown are used by permission of the sponsoring organization, and are their property. Generally speaking while I offer these free for your personal, artistic or editorial use, those with people are not available for commercial use (i.e. to advertise a product or service) as no model release is included or implied. If you are interested in commercial access please contact me and I can direct you to the right organization.


How can I get prints of a photo?


I do not sell prints or digital downloads, but generally I do upload the full resolution image ready to be printed. Unless noted otherwise in the gallery, you have my permission to use the images.


How do I download the images?


PLEASE Do not use a screen shot, the quality is awful. You can get a full resolution download. From any gallery, click the image and it opens to a mostly full page. Move the mouse to the bottom right and you should see icons appear, including a down arrow. Click the down arrow and a download will start. If you want a whole gallery, please ask me and I can arrange something, or download one by one. I put the full resolution there, but sometimes not the whole image -- if you need different crops (especially for any publication), please drop me a note and I can check (tell me the gallery and photo number).


How can I get the best prints if I do download?


The best prints come from pro labs such as Bay Photo, WHCC and others, but they are generally difficult to use. My recommendation (and what I use most of the time) is Costco. They permit upload over the web, you can pick up most prints in an hour or two, and they will turn off color correction if asked. Be sure to ask that they do so!


Color Correction – what’s that?


When you take prints to a retail lab, they assume you did a bad job of taking the picture, and they try to “fix” it. For my images, I have already edited them to correct color and embedded a “color profile” in each image. If you have them printed, you should request that the lab “Do not color correct”. Some will honor the request (Costco and any quality lab will, usually places like drug stores will not).


I see my picture here and I do not want it displayed.


Just ask – send mail or comment, I do not want to display anyone’s image if it makes them uncomfortable, and I will remove it immediately. Please be sure to tell me the gallery and image number(s). If it is because the photograph is not well done, I welcome your suggestions.


I see the XXX game, but I do not see a shot of YYY do you any?

I see the ZZZ game, do you have shots of it?


Short answer: No. With almost no exceptions, if a specific event is here, I have displayed all the shots which I kept from it. If you do not see, it, I almost certainly do not have it. Similar, for the teams you see here, if you do not see a specific game, it is either because I did not shoot it, or because I have been asked not to make photos available.


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