This site is constrained somewhat by the hosting provider, so some areas are less clear than I would like. I will try to show you around. The center of this is the "tree", done with just text and no real graphics, on the first page. This is my best reconstruction of the Descendants of my grandparents Walter and Bettie.

Note I may not have all the relations and names right, I got a lot of this from public information not my mother's records (which had little info). Please send me corrections!

It is also a navigation tool to find those photos I have of individuals. Notice if you click on any underlined name, you get taken to a gallery of photos of that person.

(Scroll down)

At the bottom, below the ancestry tree, there are two gallery links (indicated by a random photo from each).

The first is a gallery of photos with people I cannot identify, and even moreso ones I cannot guess at even time frame. Mostly they are from a box my mother had, but none had any labels or other indications. Hopefully some of you will recognize them. Or recognize yourself.

The other is a folder of galleries broken down by year (in roughly 10 year intervals). These may be partially identified but may also be quite wrong, with wild guesses I made as to year, and often guesses as to individuals.

(Scroll down)

From the ancestry tree, if you click on a name it takes you to a gallery of one person. The (maiden) name is at the top, along with a bit of information I gleaned from external sources (please send any corrections, or if you want me to remove anything).

You can see the photos here, with captions and titles, but not individual people names. To see the names I have identified, click a photo to go to full screen display.

(Scroll down)

When showing one photo per page, somewhere there will be a menu, usually on the left top. It is a set of icons. On small screens it may be hidden and just show three dots (click on them).

In the menu are three horizontal lines that mean "show details". If you click those, it shows more about the photo including "Keywords" which include people's names.

If you click the Show Details the photo gets a bit smaller and you get more info.

(Scroll down)

From this detail screen you can see all the keywords (people), info on the (guessed) date of the photo (as Date Taken), and can scroll through all the photos from here by hitting the right or left arrow on the screen, or on the keyboard (on some devices you may be able to swipe right or left).

If you can help with people ID's, or want to send me corrections, please refer to the photo ID number. Just drop me an email.

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